Noch eine Lieblingsband von mir kurz vor Ende kommt bei Türchen 22 zum Vorschein:
Ghost Brigade – 22:22 Nihil

Video (Song inkl. “Lyrics”) hier:

Stil: Progressive Death Metal  |  Jahr: 2009  |  Album: Isolation Songs

Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs

Cover von “Isolation Songs”

Eigentlich ist 22:22 Nihil ein Instrumental Song, aber im Booklet stehen trotzdem Lyrics:

Watch as the white ocean waves hit the shore

and purge your soul of all burden and routine
There’s an open fire inside me
Come look closer and embrace it

Under those lights I felt safe
Closer to home than ever before
If only I could’ve seen further
But the blood we carry isn’t always red enough

Crossed the bridge, to modify the incomplete
One more time – lose, reclaim, conceal & repeat
In a storm, hidden from the beasts of prey
One last time – lose, reclaim, conceal & repeat

And here I lie in my room
Where everything is nothing and nothing is everything
For some, the more things change the more they stay the same